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The King and Queen of Greenpoint | Engagement Session

With the Royal wedding in our rearview mirror I couldn't help but reflect on what it means to be in love. Love doesn't have one definition. It can take on so many different forms, and can manifest itself in so many different ways. As a wedding photographer, I get to meet so many wonderful couples and learn about what love means to them. The first question I ask any couple is "How did you meet?" I get answers that range from "Tinder" to "1st grade!" And every once in a while a couple comes in to your life, or better yet -- steps in front of your camera-- and the chemistry, devotion and love towards one another is undeniable. 

Enter the King and Queen of Greenpoint, Peter and Nicole. Nicole's style is reminiscent of Time Magazine -- circa 1960's --Elizabeth Taylor glamour, while Peter reminds me of a tattooed version of Benedict Cumberbatch -- a refined gentleman with impeccable taste. We spent the afternoon in historic Greenpoint, an established neighborhood drenched in charm. We started with photos on the stoop of their home, and ended the night with coffee and burgers at their favorite diner where the servers knew their order by heart. Oh, and did I mention we made a stop for donuts along the way? Because hello, have you met me? I practically live on a diet of coffee and donuts (but don't tell my trainer!)

As the shoot went on, around every corner we ran in to people that Nicole and Peter knew! Honestly, one of them should consider running for Mayor of Greenpoint, because I think they would win. We even had our very own NYPD, boys in blue, ask to be in their photos (well their patrol car that is!) 

In July Peter and Nicole will tie the know on the rooftop of the Box House Hotel, one of my favorite (and new) wedding venues in Brooklyn. There is no doubt in my mind that their wedding will be every inch as stylish as they are. I am so thankful and grateful they chose me to be their mirror, their story teller, and I can't wait to share their story with you.

Fall in love with as many things as possible.