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Grayson Bungardy | Elon, North Carolina

"It doesn't matter how your children get in to your family. It just matters that they get there." -Kira Mortenson

I met Denise and Chris over a year ago while living in Graham, NC. Denise and I became quick friends, and over time became family. They had moved from Philly to start a family of their own. Over the course of numerous late night pj parties and early early morning walks with our pups, Denise explained to me that they were going to be licensed to do what is called the "Foster to Adopt" program. 

In November, while attending a photography workshop, I got a call from Denise saying they were getting a new born baby to foster. In the months that followed were events that not only tested ones resolve,  but also ones love for a child that was not born of her body but of her heart and soul.

On May 3, it became official that this little babe became a Bungardy.

When I met Grayson for the first time, I immediately fell head over heels for him. He is truly something so spectacular. He doesn't cry, or fuss, but smiles and smiles and smiles. Smiles for days, even when he doesn't feel well. Watching my friends go through this experience has been so inspiring. What they have been through and done for this little babe is beyond what I can write in words.

Mr. Magooski and I have done many shoots together, but I wanted to share our most recent one with you.

Denise, Chris, and Mr. Magooski (and of course Phylis and Yolanda too) I love you three so much, and feel honored to have been a part of this adventure from day 1. Happy First Mother's Day Denise!

Introducing Grayson Edward Bungardy